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Covid - 19 Training and Competition Guidelines for the sport of Table Tennis




Recommendations for Participation in Group Training for Athletes, Coaches and Staff


1. Exact number of small groups to be allowed in sports and leisure facilities should be based on instructions by local authorities, but in any case, capped. There should be no open training sessions without a limit on time or participation numbers.


2. Hand washing to be mandatory upon entering and before leaving the training venue and should be encouraged throughout. Also, Hand sanitizers should be made available throughout the training venues.


3. No touching and shaking of hands among participants. Social distancing rules must be acutely observed.


4. A wet disinfectant mat should be placed at the entrance of the venue to facilitate sanitizing of shoes.


5. Every 2 hours, all closed areas in the premises such as offices, changing rooms, corridors etc. should be ventilated if possible. This should also be done before a changeover of athletes within the venue.


6. Follow proper respiratory hygiene which implies:


           a) Covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.


           b) Disposing of the used tissue immediately and wash your hands.


7. Social distancing measures should be followed as under:


           a) Distance between participants should be kept to an absolute or minimum 1 meter at all times as advised by WHO, but it is advised to keep a physical distance of 2 meters wherever possible.


           b) Participants should refrain from shaking hands, hugging and touching in greeting or celebration.




           d) Adopt multi-ball training:


                     i. Ensure only coach touches the ball.


                     ii. Secure the field of play so that the balls do not mix with other balls.


8. The field of play should have an area of at least 5/12 meters surrounded by the barriers. It is also recommended to keep at least 2 meters space between the courts, and a maximum of 2 persons are allowed per court. Coaches in the facility should remain outside the bordered court. For training facilities without barriers, organizers may improvise division between tables.


9. Coaches must maintain required physical distance from participants during practice & follow guidelines of local authorities on appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).


10. Continues sanitizing and prevention practices should be applied (cleansing equipment, washing hands, wearing protection gear).


11. Eliminate non-playing time in facility including using public showers and changing rooms. Prevention practices required in bathroom areas.


12. Eliminate sharing equipment and observe the following steps:


           a) No sharing of racquets. Racquets are a part of Player’s Personal Equipment.


           b) Balls should only be touched by 1 person at the same table. Due to this, balls should be clearly marked so that each player serves with his/her designated ball.


           c) No switching of table sides.


           d) No touching or cleaning of table with the hand during practice.


           e) Every athlete to use their own hygiene product.


           f) Leave at least a 10 minute window for changeover between different training groups to ensure a contact free switch.


13. All participants to bring their own bottles and snacks. Physical distance to be maintained during the short breaks.


14. Where possible, participants should avoid public transport on the way to training venue and back home.


15. All players, coaches and sports staff should stay in a separate room as much as possible.


Guidelines to be followed for Domestic Competitions


1. Participants:


           a) All participants must have shown no signs or symptoms of Covid-19 as established by WHO in the past 14 days.


           b) Individual with a documented case of Covid-19 infection would need clearance from an approved health professional in order to participate in the competition.


           c) Eliminate contact with the compromised athlete. Signs and symptoms of Covid-19 may vary. Athletes, coaches and staff should not be in close contact with anyone who is sick for 14 days prior to the beginning of competition.


           d) Every athlete to use their own hygiene products.


           e) Follow proper respiratory hygiene


           f) Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.


           g) Disposing of the used tissue immediately and wash your hands.


2. Equipment:


           a) Continues sanitizing and prevention practices should be applied (cleansing equipment, washing hands, wearing protection gear).


           b) Continue to disinfectant the equipment before and after the matches. Balls to be cleansed after every match.


3. Travel, Accommodation and Competition Venue:


           a) Avoid group travel for coming to venue and back home. If travelling by bus, it should be disinfected twice a day.


           b) Official hospitality package provided by the organizers should only be limited to one hotel. All players should be allocated persona rooms.


           c) Temperature to be taken upon entry in to the venue.


           d) No visitors should be allowed in the competition venues.


           e) Toilets in the venue should be cleaned with high frequency.


4. Food Area: 


           a) Designated area for meals in the venue. If the meals are being served in hotels, seating area should be separated from the public area.


           b) For buffet meals in the venue, different states should be allocated specific area to ensure proper distancing.


5. Field of Play: 


           a) Tables in the call area to be separated at least by 2 meter distance.


           b) Selection of ball prior to match is allowed in the condition that:


                      i. Hand sanitizer is provided at the call area with players sanitizing their hands prior to ball selection.


                      ii. Players wear mask during the ball selection.


           c) No spitting by athlete in the playing area, in the case of spitting, penalty to be imposed and floor to be sanitized.


6. Accreditation Area: Three seats to be left empty between each individual and seats of every second row should always be left empty.


7. Technical Official and Official Area:


           a) Seats at the technical desk should always be kept to absolute minimum of 1 meter to each other at all times but it is advised to keep distance of 2 meters where possible.


           b) During the matches, officiating umpires and coaches will wear a mask throughout.


           c) Umpires to wear masks and gloves at all times in the venue.


           d) No racquet control to take place.


           e) All draws and meetings to be done online.


           f) Choice of shirt color to be done prior to the match.


           g) Walk in to ensure social distancing.


           h) Presentations in box to follow distancing measures.


           i) No handshake


           j) Coin toss to be performed by the umpire in seat and with players remaining on their sides.


           k) No timeout signs to be placed on playing table. When signaled by the umpire, a small sign to be placed on umpires table.


           l) Towel rule to be relaxed. Towels only to be used to wipe hands and face.


           m) Only one box per player, no swapping between games.


8. Organizer and Staff:


           a) Ensure compliance with all advice and guidelines issued by the local authorities.


           b) A wet disinfectant mat should be placed at the entrance of the venue to facilitate sanitizing of shoes.


           c) Provide bottle sealed water instead of shared dispenser.


           d) Provide onsite doctor with sufficient PPE kits and ensure they are trained in response to Covid-19.


           e) Provide an isolation room for suspected case if any.


           f) Continues sanitizing of the premises and availability of hand sanitizers throughout the venue.


           g) Ensure all staff keep a distance of 2 meters.