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TTFI Financial Support during Pandemic




The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) has come to know that some players and coaches are in real distress after their loss of job and are faced with financial constraints owing to the ongoing pandemic.


According to the latest Government guidelines, all academies will be allowed to function, with the SOP in place, from September 21, 2020. However, a few players/coaches/support staff may still find the going tough in the beginning until they attain normalcy somewhat. 


In such a situation, TTFI feels that it should come forward to help players, coaches and the support staff that are in dire straits with monthly financial assistance until the conditions improve.  But this is subject to verification of genuine needs of individuals.


TTFI requests those who are in real need to approach the state associations concerned and forward their application to us through them with proper bank details. The State Associations concerned will scrutinize all such requests before forwarding them to TTFI.


The eligibility criteria for receiving


TTFI monetary assistance




1.       Must be ranked among the top 16;


2.       Should not be availing benefits like scholarship/sponsorship or in regular employment.





1.       Should have played a minimum of three Nationals or produced at least one medal-winning player at the national level;


2.       Should not have any income, either through coaching or sponsorship, or a salary from any other source.