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Dear All,


Hearty congratulations to you all as Indian players have done wonderfully well to win both team gold medals at the ongoing CWG. Your role in shaping the careers of players has come in handy and TTFI recognizes your contribution.


Meanwhile, you would be aware of the decisions taken at the AGM, held on March 11, 2018, and circulated soon after about the eligibility of players that can participate in tournaments abroad when an Indian team is not participating. The rules laid down are as under:


1. When TEAM INDIA participates in a tournament, as approved by SAI/Sports Ministry under ACTC, please note that TTFI will not entertain any individual player’s request for participation in those tournaments; however, if a slot or two are vacant TTFI will allow participation of top ranked individuals, subject to meeting eligibility criteria as under at NO Cost to SAI.


2. Only those players (in Men, Women, Youth and Junior categories) that figure among the top-16 in India ranking or, alternatively, those come within 150 brackets in the world ranking are ELIGIBLE for recommendation by TTFI to compete in ITTF tournaments only. Even in these cases, TTFI will restrict itself to sending those ELIGIBLE PLAYERS entries and getting invitation for them from the hosts. In other words, it will be the responsibility of the players to arrange for their visa and accommodation. The same goes for parents of players and those wishing to accompany them as officials to tournaments abroad.


3. In the case of Cadet and Sub Junior sections, TTFI consider them as a promotional event and hence would allow participation of players if they are top-ranked in states and are duly recommended by the states.


4. State Associations recommending such names that fulfill the eligibility criteria (points no. 2 & 3) should see to it that No Cancellation will be permitted after submitting entries except in the event of a player pulling out because of an emergency condition like medical. In that case the player/state association must submit a valid medical certificate citing the ground.


5. A plethora of requests are directly received in TTFI office from individuals and this is against the grain of principles. ALL ELIGIBLE requests must be at all times routed through the state associations ONLY.  Any individual approaching TTFI directly will be viewed as a violation of set principles and TTFI’s disciplinary committee can recommend suitable action against such players. 


TTFI, as a matter of policy, has taken the above decisions and as such all state associations are advised to adhere to the rules STRICTLY and accordingly make recommendations.