Scheme For Preparation For Indian Team For Commonwealth Games


The scheme is specifically designed to cater to the requirements of a core group of elite athletes, who will be medal probable for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010. The Commonwealth Games 2010 would be held in 17 disciplines along with events for Elite Athletes with Disability (EAD). It has been envisaged under the scheme that around 3 to 4 times the number of athletes who will actually represent the country in each discipline would be taken up for comprehensive and intensive training for these Games. A statement showing the number of sportspersons in the Core Group vis-àvis the number of sportspersons who will actually participate in the Commonwealth Games, 2010 is attached as Annexure-IV. The schedule of training, exposure, competition etc. would cover a period of 305 days in a year. The training would comprise domestic and foreign components. Foreign coaches would also be engaged wherever required. The probable will be exposed to international competitions which will form part of their annual schedule of training and exposure. Scientific support facilities in the nature of Scientific/Medial equipments would be provided during their training in India along with the services of physical trainers, physiotherapists, masseurs, sports science experts, etc. Psychological support through experts would be provided for sports where high levels of concentration are critical for improving performance. Appropriate food supplements would be provided for athletes of power sports and those sports which entail vigorous physical exercise. The physical infrastructure at the centers of Sports Authority of India including hostels, training facilities, equipment and scientific back up arrangements would be upgraded to provide state of art facilities to cater to the requirement of these athletes for their training/coaching in India. The scheme will be implemented through the Sports Authority of India (SAI).
A monitoring system based on monitorable parameters in respect of progressive improvement and physical fitness for each discipline would be put in place. The monitoring system would be used to evaluate the performance of each athlete from the core group and take a view in respect of his/her continuance or replacement in the core group. In this manner in the run up to the Games the athletes with the highest performance levels would be able to represent the country in the Games.
Test events will be conducted for each discipline closer to the Games. These will help familiarize the selected athletes with the newly created venues in a competition environment. It will also assist in evaluating the performance levels of the athletes.
1. Be responsible for the selection of the national teams and the management and supervision of the preparatory/training camps preceding the mandatory tournaments for the selected national teams and also their participation in these Inter-country tournaments of their respective sports disciplines for which they are recognized by the concerned International Federation.

2. Identify the Core Group of Probable for the Commonwealth Games which would be presented for finalization to the ‘Steering Committee’.

3. Draw up the Annual Calendar of Training & Competition (ACTC) for the elite athletes in consultation with the Sports Authority of India (SAI) which would be presented for finalization to the ‘Steering Committee’.

4. Identify Coaches (Indian/Foreign), supporting personnel including Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Physiologists, Sports Analyst, Masseurs/Masseuse, etc, who are to be engaged for coaching etc of the elite athletes. These would be presented to the ‘Steering Committee’ for finalization.

5. In consultation with SAI, identify the training/coaching institutes in India and abroad for training/coaching/exposure of the Core Group and negotiate with them the terms etc for the training/coaching.

6. Assist SAI to import/purchase of Sports equipments/kits of International standard for the use of the Core Group of Athletes.

7. Submit reports to SAI to enable it to monitor the progress and performance of the Core Group of Athletes of their discipline and on the basis of their performance levels suggest their continuation or deletion from the list.

8. Conduct tournaments like ‘Challengers’ Trophy, for the Sports Discipline/s where qualification for premier tournaments depends upon world rankings (based on points earned from various tournaments), in order to improve the world rankings of Indian Players and make them eligible for major tournament.

9. Organize International Tournaments in India, for giving better exposure to Core Group of sportspersons, in each discipline.

10. Conduct ‘Test Events/s’ for their respective sports discipline in 2008- 09/2009-2010/2010-11 in order to test the performance of the Core Group of probable and identify shortcomings so that these could be addressed appropriately.
Selection Criteria for selection of the Indian Table Tennis Team
1. International Ranking (current) Ranking points in the ratio of - 24:2

2. India Ranking (current) Ranking points in the ratio of - 12:1

3. Current evaluation of Chief National Coach & Foreign Expert.

4. Performance in the International Competitions.

5. Performance in the Domestic Competitions.
(D.R. Choudhary)
Secretary General
Men Women
1. A. Sharath Kamal 1. K. Shamini
2. Subhajit Saha 2. Neha Agarwal
3. Sourav Chakarborty 3. Poulomi Ghatak
4. Amal Raj 4. Madhurika Patkar
5. Sanil Shetty 5. Mouma Das
6. Soumyadeep Roy 6. Divya Deshpande
7. Jubin Kumar 7. Prajakta/ Mallika
8. Devesh Karia 8. Pooja S. Buddhe
9. G. Sathiyan 9. Soumi Mondal
10. Soumyajit Ghosh 10. Ankita Das
11. R. Abhishek 11. A.V. Nivedita
12. Harmit Desai 12. Mamta Prabhu
Foreign Coach Mr. Massimo Constantini
Indian Coach Mr. B. Mukherjee, SAI
Mr. Vijayasarathi.S SAI
Mr. Manoj Chowhan
Mr. Opendro Singh
Ms. Nandini Kulkarni
Mrs. Rita Jain
Physiotherapist Dr. Vandana Tanwar
Psychologist Dr. Rajan Kukreja
  “Salient Voice”
V-219, 1st Floor, Rajori Gardan
New Delhi-1100027
Sports Analyst (Yet to finalize)
Masseur Mr.K.Das